What Are Moments of Time?

An “event” happens, with a beginning and an end. Just a few or several seconds. A change of feeling or vision or thought has taken place. An imprint remains. You could be in the shower, at a concert. Walking. Driving. Biking. During exercise or sex. Staring out a window. Noticing someone’s facial expression.

For a few seconds, your consciousness was just altered. Then the vibe is over. Are they random/nonrandom occurrences?  Who knows what causes them: gravitational waves? Spiritual forces? But you know them when you feel them…if you’re paying attention.

A day in the life becomes…fun.  Moments can be trivial, profound, consequential. They make the day more meaningful. Memorable. Perhaps your behavior for the day or the rest of your life gets altered. If these Moments are transcendental, they can be remembered and re-lived. Moments help us get to where we are. If we’re smart, we let them teach us to be more grateful; which is a virtue. 

Don’t forget: Moments can be visceral and sublime, full of aesthetics. And even based in mathematics (ugh!).

How to find that them there Moments. It’s all about mindfulness.

Be self-aware and keep a sense of being. Keep antenna up. Look around. Keep each of the five senses working. And when they happen, note them. Put them to memory. Record them with written words, images, songs, video.  Plan to remember them but let them transcend from yesterday…to today…to tomorrow.

But be careful: if you put in too much effort to capture and record them, then you won’t experience them.  It’s akin to taking hundreds of photos during a vacation, but you’re so busy, you ignore the moments you’re having.

So, live your Moments and be sure to “Show And Tell” them. Use words, photos, songs, and video as your tools to capture them.    

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